Summer recap

The past few months, well really the past year, has felt like a blur to me. After many failed attempts at using medications to help with my chronic pain I have decided to go a more natural route. Pain meds don’t really help with the type of pain I have, they just left me in a mental fog, destroyed my ability to concentrate and left me barely able to eat. I am feeling much better (at least in some respects) being off the pain meds. I currently have to limit my activities for awhile while I explore other treatment options but I am hopeful that non-drug related options will be much better for me in the long run.

So while I have some more free time on my hands I figured I might as well share some work I did this summer that I didn’t have time to post previously.

Of course there was plenty of quicksand fun this summer. The following images are from two different custom scenes I shot awhile back.

NdMJctQ Summer recap

a06uQiG Summer recap

These were from a scene where I play and evil spirit who forces my victim to sink to her doom with evil vines that I control and pull her under the mud.

EEesCSw Summer recap

Tp4iwJ8 Summer recap

4IjNFHZ Summer recap

Those topless quicksand images were from a scene where I was attempting to wash off my dirty stocking not realizing that the water on the surface was hiding deadly quicksand! That last photo was shot after I reemerged from the mud totally covered and messy!

I also got to do a few vampire scenes which are always a lot of fun! The one bellow is a scene where Sarah Michelle and I feed on the lovely Tina Sweet who was such a great sport about being a meal for two vampires!

q0kJzhs Summer recap

All of these videos and even more kinkyness can be found at’s Clips4sale Store. There are also some yet to be released vore scenes that I was in that I will post about once they are up. The tentacle monster we had for those scenes was really cool looking so I am excited to see how that turned out icon smile Summer recap

Custom videos

I am happy to say that my indiegogo campaign was a success! I raised enough to get an HD camcorder and lighting setup. Unfortunately the store I ordered the lights from just told me they wont be in till the end of the month even though they said it was in stock when I ordered them at the end of last month. I am going to try to cancel that order tomorrow and get them from a store that actually has the in stock. But on the bright side I have been very busy doing custom videos shoots recently. Bellow are some images from shoots I have done for my fans this summer:

7pcRHFm Custom videos

sSydcq3 Custom videos

red satin shower2 cover Custom videos

That’s just a small sample, I’ve done a lot more but don’t have time to post everything now. I am also doing more shooting this weekend and am excited to be shooting quicksand scenes of other models with my new video camera this weekend too! I will be crazy busy with editing, shooting, my day job & still doing physical therapy each week but will hopefully have more updates soon icon smile Custom videos

Artistic Nude Prints

For a limited time only you can get an 8x10in Black and white artistic nude print of me doing yoga naked! These are two of my most popular artistic nude photos and they are only being offered via my Indiegogo Campaign. For making a contribution of just $25 you get your choice of one of the following prints:

SbQxVBO Artistic Nude Prints

PXxI011 Artistic Nude Prints

This prints wont be offered after my campaign ends and there are only two available so act quick! My campaign ends in August and I really need the support. And remember, not only are you getting a cool print but you’re also helping me continue to model and earn a living without having to go on disability. If you have no idea what I am talking about please see my previous post for information on my recent disability.

Update: future plans

If you follow me on twitter, tumblr or youtube then you may already be aware of my indiegogo campaign to raise money to buy and HD video camera and studio lights to be able to shoot photos and videos at home. If not then you can check out the video bellow which gives a brief summary:

I am so happy to have gotten so much support already from my fans, as of this post I am 44% of the way to my goal! I cannot emphasize how much this will help improve the quality of my life. I have to admit I am still having a difficult time emotionally accepting my new physical limitations.I absolutely love my day job and recently had my work published which is a huge boost to my career. However I can no longer deny the fact that my job is causing me more pain than I can handle and is harmful to my mental and physical health. My daily commute alone is a struggle to get though.

I’ve lived my whole life with chronic pain since I was born with spondylosis in my lumbar spine (basically that just means I was born with a fractured vertebra). I knew some day I would likely end up with nerve damage or paralysis, I just never imagined things would get so bad while still in my 20’s.

We cannot choose who we are born as but we can choose who we become. As a Buddhist I have learned that happiness is simply a state of mind. No specific external circumstances must be meet for someone to be happy. Happiness is seeing the light amdist the shadows; it’s feeling the pleasure in simple moments. Acceptance isn’t giving up; it’s seeing the beauty in what’s around you.

While it will take some time for me to transition from working full time outside my home to working mostly from home I am excited (although still somewhat nervous) for the future. I love shooting photos and videos for my fans and being able to do so from home will mean I can shoot more often. I also have some non-modeling related projects coming up that I am looking forward to. I plan to get back into jewelry making. It’s something I enjoyed doing in high school and won a few awards for so I figure I must be somewhat good at it. I am also starting a website related (somewhat) to my current career. I’m still paying off student loans so I might as well use my degree to make some money.

For the time being I am going to be focusing on my indiegogo campaign and making sure people get the perks for their donations. I am offering some fun things including prints, custom photo sets, bondage photos, & custom videos. So please check out my campaign HERE. Even a small donation will really help.