Latex & Corsets; two of my favorite things!

I am so happy to finally have some new photos and I am especially happy that I finally got some good shots of one of my custom tight-lacing corsets. I have actually had this one for years and I wore it for a bondage shoot but other than that I don’t think I have worn it for any other shoots. But my memory sucks so that might not be 100% accurate.

img 8934web Latex & Corsets; two of my favorite things!

latexgoddess Latex & Corsets; two of my favorite things!

latexass Latex & Corsets; two of my favorite things!

I have been very productive recently. I have a new video going up everyday on my clips4sale store plus I created a new website to showcase my femdom work. You can see it HERE. I still need to fix a few things like the top banner but considering how busy I have been recently I am just happy I was able to get that site up. If you like my femdom work then following that site will be the best way to keep up with my new work. Later this week I will have an intense CBT video released. It was my first video shoot with a make sub and it was a lot of fun. He was so good at tolerating the abuse Bianca Baker and I put him through! I can’t wait to do more scenes like that.

Custom Bondage & BDSM videos

Later this month Bianca Baker & I will be shooting at a very well equipt studio with all sorts of bondage gear & toys. So if you would like a solo video or one with the two of us just send me an email: This isn’t something we will be able to do frequently so take advantage of this chance to get a very kinky custom video from us! We shoot pretty much everything (except anal). The cost for a solo video is $10 per min and a video with the two of us would be $20 per min. I can only take a limited amount of customs so don’t wait too long if you want one!

As you can see we both look sexy together icon smile Custom Bondage & BDSM videos

co34emh Custom Bondage & BDSM videos

f49ldq7 Custom Bondage & BDSM videos

Metallic Bronze Body Paint

I meant to post these awhile back but better late than never! I had wanted to do a metallic body paint photo shoot for so long and just never got around to planning it. I think I had the paint for almost a year before using it! But it was worth the wait. I absolutely love how these images came out. Michael Leach did a spectacular job with the lighting as you can see from the images bellow.

mlp leila hazlett bronze 5079 by michaelleachphoto Metallic Bronze Body Paint

bronze4 Metallic Bronze Body Paint

bronze3 Metallic Bronze Body Paint

bronze2 Metallic Bronze Body Paint

There are over 400 images from this set so it was really hard for me to pick which ones to post. I also have some more images from another shoot with Michael Leach & Bianca Baker that are very sexy. Once I actually have time to do more editing I will share some of those. But for now I am very busy with shooting and editing new videos icon smile Metallic Bronze Body Paint

New Photo Sets

I have lots of fun new content that has been posted recently but for now I want to share some preview photos from some recent photo sets.

dsc 0253web New Photo Sets

This is from a 100 HD picture set that you can get exclusively from a crowd-funding campaign I am doing with Bianca Baker. We are raising money to cover the cost of renting & traveling to a professional BDSM studio that we really want to shoot videos at. If you like seeing the two of us do naughty things together please consider giving to our fund, we are offering a lot of fun perks including discounted custom videos.

And here’s a preview photo for a photo set of the two of us that you can also get HERE. All photo sets include some nude & erotic shots as well icon smile New Photo Sets

Emu8mH5 New Photo Sets