Red Lace

I’ve been stuck at home for what feels like forever! Besides catching up on old episodes of Parks and Recreations while laying on ice I’ve been trying to keep myself busy with creative activities like painting and putting random objects on my cat while he sleeps. Ok, my life isn’t that entertaining right now, but I do have some previously unpublished photos to share. Here are some photos of me showing off my red lace lingerie shot by Boston Pro Modeling.

CqktxQE Red Lace

dwemjub Red Lace

More photos soon but now I have to get back to my newest hobby of yelling at incompetent people over the phone :/

Pie Trivia

In keeping with the theme of custom videos I have done for fans here is another fun one starring me and Elana Bohemia. We play a trivia game involving pies which gets very messy indeed! Amazingly I did not end up ruining my sofa during this shoot, lol.

Pie Trivia Game from Leila Hazlett on Vimeo.

This was Elana’s first time doing a shoot like this and as you can see she was a great sport about it. This video ended up being 33 mins long, see the full video HERE.

Trash that dress!

Well I finally got around to uploading another one of the custom videos I shot for one of my indiegogo contributors. This was a fun shoot where I ripped my dress and bra apart with my bear hands and then cut up my leather strapped high heels. Here’s a short preview. See the full 11 min video at my Clips4Sale store.

screw this job preview from Leila Hazlett on Vimeo.


Awhile back I was looking though some old DVDs of photos photographers have given me over the years and came across one I had never previously look at. I remembered the photographer but couldn’t remember what we had shot till I look at the DVD. It turns out they were some really cool artistic photos. All the effects were done with the camera, there is no photoshop here!

qv6WMjo Flashback

162atDP Flashback

hI4zKYm Flashback
This one is my favorite, it reminds me of the goddess Kali except I’m not holding a severed head!

q8tKYcd Flashback

IqyLLf4 Flashback

YWTjy67 Flashback