“Leila rejects and humiliates you”

fuck off main Rejected

In this custom video Leila rejects your offer for a date and taunts you for even thinking she would go out with you. She makes fun of your appearance, calls you a fag and flips you off twice. If you like bitchy arrogant women being mean to you then you will love this icon smile Rejected


fuck off 1 Rejected fuck off 2 Rejected fuck off 3 Rejected
fuck off 4 Rejected

Fun with rope & a vibrator

Just a quick photo update since I have a ton more editing to do. I think these photos of me and Sarah Michelle speak for themselves anyway… icon wink Fun with rope & a vibrator

bondage sarah3 Fun with rope & a vibrator

bondage sarah1 Fun with rope & a vibrator

bondage sarah2 Fun with rope & a vibrator

Check out the video Here!

Ass worship

“Leila teases you with her body”

ass worship main Ass worship

I know how much you love my body. My perfect curves drive you wild. You can’t help yourself, my body and especially my amazing ass turns you into a mindless slave. For my own amusement I will allow you to look at my beautiful curves. I pull up my tight silver dress and allow you to look at my ass and thong.


ass worship 1 Ass worship ass worship 2 Ass worship ass worship 3 Ass worship
ass worship 4 Ass worship ass worship 5 Ass worship

Also available on my clips4sale store.

Self Portrait in Pantyhose

It’s been awhile since I had any new photos to post since I have been so busy making new videos. But the last time I was in the studio I decided to take some photos of a cute new outfit I got. Well maybe “outfit” isn’t really the right word choice since my clothing is not leaving much to the imagination here icon wink Self Portrait in Pantyhose I recently ordered some new tights/pantyhose including this unique pair of Wolford pantyhose with a stripe and polka dot pattern. I paired them with a sheer black top & black heels. Here are two of my favorite shots from the set:

wolfordtights2 Self Portrait in Pantyhose

wolfordtights1 Self Portrait in Pantyhose

Self portraits are a pain but I am happy with how these came out. I’m kinda a control freak so I like being both the model & photographer icon smile Self Portrait in Pantyhose There are some more images from this set, 17 to be exact, which can be seen on my members site here:┬áPrints of these images are also available on my deviant art page.