Self Portrait in Pantyhose

It’s been awhile since I had any new photos to post since I have been so busy making new videos. But the last time I was in the studio I decided to take some photos of a cute new outfit I got. Well maybe “outfit” isn’t really the right word choice since my clothing is not leaving much to the imagination here icon wink Self Portrait in Pantyhose I recently ordered some new tights/pantyhose including this unique pair of Wolford pantyhose with a stripe and polka dot pattern. I paired them with a sheer black top & black heels. Here are two of my favorite shots from the set:

wolfordtights2 Self Portrait in Pantyhose

wolfordtights1 Self Portrait in Pantyhose

Self portraits are a pain but I am happy with how these came out. I’m kinda a control freak so I like being both the model & photographer icon smile Self Portrait in Pantyhose There are some more images from this set, 17 to be exact, which can be seen on my members site here:┬áPrints of these images are also available on my deviant art page.

Pink Tights

“Leila shows off her tights and heels while encouraging to jerk off”

In this custom clip Leila Hazlett encourages you to jerk off while she shows off her legs and feet. She dangles her pointed heels off her tights-covered feet and stokes her legs. Leila talks dirty to the camera, encouraging you to fuck her feet and come in her heels.


pink tights 1 Pink Tights pink tights 2 Pink Tights pink tights 3 Pink Tights
pink tights 4 Pink Tights

Also up now on my clips4sale store.

Dirty Feet Punishment

“POV Femdom–Leila ignores you and punishes you with her feet”

dirty feet punishment main Dirty Feet Punishment

You show up to your session with me 5 mins late. I do NOT tolerate men who make me wait. As specified in your contract I order you to lay down in front of me on the floor so I can rub my dirty feet in your face as I ignore you. I do my nails for a bit while I ignore you. Then I order you to open your mouth so I can gag you with my filthy feet while I make a call to me boyfriend. I talk to my boyfriend about our date later that night then I make fun of you to my boyfriend. Finally I order you to clean my dirty feet with your tongue. Maybe being humiliated by me will remind you to be on time from now on.


dirty feet punishment 1 Dirty Feet Punishment dirty feet punishment 2 Dirty Feet Punishment dirty feet punishment 3 Dirty Feet Punishment
dirty feet punishment 4 Dirty Feet Punishment dirty feet punishment 5 Dirty Feet Punishment dirty feet punishment 6 Dirty Feet Punishment

Also available on my clips4sale store.

Custom Videos

This has been a rather crazy month for me. Well it’s been pretty crazy for anyone living in New England. The amount of snow we have gotten is impressive even for this area. I had the unfortunate luck of several shoots being canceled due to multiple blizzards. Several times I had to shoot videos at home instead of the studio since it was impossible to get my car out of the driveway. Despite the challenges I did manage do shoot several custom videos this month and have two more that I will be doing very soon.

Most of the customs I had this month were messy videos which are always a lot of fun but also a lot of work. I learned that it takes me almost half a day to make 20 pies and that 20 pies make a super epic mess! Bellow are two screen shots from the custom pie video, I am literally sitting in a pool of pies!

piegasm 9 Custom Videos

piegasm 10 Custom Videos

I also had an amazing time getting messy and doing some tights filling with pies, cake, & chocolate syrup.

office party main Custom Videos

officeparty9 1424434462 uid 38569 34435 Custom Videos

Also I finally got to do a scene in my tight leather pants. I was very happy my customer picked out this outfit because I do love getting wet & messy in nice clothes icon smile Custom Videos

wetleather5 1423671560 uid 38569 70916 Custom Videos

And those pants did survive and I am happy to use them again for another custom video icon smile Custom Videos I have also done some foot fetish & femdom custom videos as well this month, those can be seen HERE. If you want your own custom video feel free to email me at I have a lot of different outfit and experience with all sorts of fetishes. I can also hire other models for videos as well icon smile Custom Videos