More messy videos!

While I have not been able to shoot any new scenes recently I do have two new video updates now live on Wam Erotica! The first scene stars Elana who wakes up topless and stuck in a super sticky white slime.

LWBj6Wm More messy videos!

The second scene stars Rayne who has just finished a damsel in distress shoot for She starts off already covered in clay. She plays around in it and submerges herself totally covering her long black hair and her dress and pantyhose.

Q7brrZw More messy videos!


See more screen shots of both scenes at Wam Erotica!

New video updates

I haven’t been able to do a hell of a lot recently but still have managed to update my messy fetish video store with some new videos! Here are screen shots of my two most recent scenes:

ifU03dt New video updates

Here I am wearing nothing but pantyhose as I fully submerge myself in a large bin of clay. It was very thick. It felt like a luxurious spa treatment!

AtRzZ2m New video updates

This is from a scene I shot with the adorable Tina Sweet. Tina losses a game we play so I end up pieing her in the face four times before pouring a super thick green slime on her. Both videos are up for download on Wam Erotica!

I’m still far from being “back to normal” but hopefully it wont be too long till I can do more fun video shoots!

Latex and Spikes

While my husband and I were doing some spring cleaning I found a DVD of images that I lost awhile ago. I posed in my green latex dress for some fashion style images before doing a video shoot for

MMAOIQR Latex and Spikes

XFRclFo Latex and Spikes

I think these are the only photos of me in those heels. They are a pain to walk in but I like them a lot since they have large metal spikes on them icon smile Latex and Spikes At some point I’ll have to get some close up shots of those heels. But for now I am still focusing on my recovery. I am working hard at doing my physical therapy every day to hopefully get back to “normal”.

Life is full of challenges, if it wasn’t then we wouldn’t appreciate the good things in life. I am starting to accept the fact that the chronic pain I have been having will not be going away any time soon. The nerve damage I have been experiencing is very frustrating but every day I am still reminded by how lucky I am. While I may be limited in some ways that most people aren’t I have still have had a lot of amazing experiences that most people will never have. The fun I have had over the years from modeling alone is priceless. While going though some of my older pics I found these fun photos from back when I was 18 and just started modeling.








These are far from professional but hey, everyone has got to start somewhere! I’d love to do another belly dancer series one of these days once I can bend and twist my spine again which will be next winter hopefully.