Real Quicksand

I am currently stuck inside due to the lovely hurricane we are having here on the east coast. While I hate being trapped inside it has been a good excuse to finally go though some photo sets I shot awhile ago but have yet to post. These photos are from a shoot I did with and another model Sarah Michelle in an outdoor location that had natural quicksand!

didvp lsqs 3916 Real Quicksand

We both got stuck a number of times but had a lot of fun looking for deep spots to sink in.

didvp lsqs 3979 Real Quicksand

There is a video to go with this set too, it can be downloaded HERE.

One Commentto Real Quicksand

  1. Malone says:

    It’s been a fetish of mine for 20 years……I know a place on the MS River that is the best REAL quicksand in the world… It’s 10+ ft deep, but you stop sinking at your chin….BUT it’s so thick it takes someone an hour to get you out….
    I fell in it by myself and it took 6 hours to get out….
    I like your video,but you need to add DRY sand on top of that clay/mud… will trap you in it for sure….

    email me anytime…..NOW is the time to do the MS River because of the low water levels…
    I did it last weekend,and it was the 2nd best ever…. dry on top, and silky about 2 ft down…..

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